Panzerotti Bites | il Panzerotto in New York
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Panzerotti Bites was created in 2015 by Vittoria and Pasquale, an Apulian couple who longed to bring one of the most famous and appreciated Italian street foods to New York, il Panzerotto.
Motivated by their love of their country, Vittoria and Pasquale started studying and perfecting the bread-making process until they achieved dough that was rich in flavor and Italian history.
In 2018, Panzerotti Bites opens its first location in Brooklyn, NY. The simple and friendly space features an open kitchen, allowing customers to follow and customize the preparation process of their own panzerotti.

What are


A panzerotto is a half-moon- shaped pocket of dough filled with any number of sweet and savory ingredients.
It is then wrapped and delicately fried until golden. During this process, the panzerotto rises, creating a pocket of hot filling, ready to be eaten bite after bite. Its name comes from the word “panza,” used to refer to the rounded shape.

The panzerotto was born in Puglia, a region of southern Italy, famous for its traditions and delicious food, where the green of the extra virgin olive oil meets the white of the mozzarella and the red of tomatoes.
Belonging to the “cucina povera,” the panzerotto was originally made at home by women.
They formed circles of dough and filled them with whatever was left in the kitchen, like cheese and tomatoes.

Panzerotti are handheld and delicious
perfect for any occasion!



We strive to win over the hearts of Americans by offering them delicious and authentic Apulian panzerotti that everyone should have the pleasure of tasting at least once in their lifetime.


Our panzerotto recipe is the result of years of study and development and is made exclusively with durum wheat semolina imported from Italy, extra virgin olive oil, iodized salt, water, and yeast. The dough is key to a delicious panzerotto. All of our doughs endure a 72-hour maturation process in which it rests in the fridge while all of the ingredients (oil, yeast, flour, water, and salt) melt together and become more easily digestible. Durum wheat semolina is used as a tribute to Apulian grain. It allows for the elasticity and crunchiness of a panzerotto and is also low in carbs. Also ask us about our special doughs!

The secret of good frying lies within the quality of oil. Smell our panzerotti, they smell delicious because the oil is changed frequently. Our stuffing ingredients are imported from Italy or chosen from select retailers.

How to eat

In Italy, learning how to eat a panzerotto is like a job. We say, “è una vera e propria arte” = “it is a real art.” Mastering how to eat a panzerotto is crucial.

The proper way to eat a panzerotto is bite after bite, seated or standing, without a fork or knife. Lean forward while indulging in order to avoid a mess on your clothes. Wash it down with a cold beer, and there you go!

One more please!


The exciting tastes of international cuisine in a superb interior
of our newly opened Brooklyn gastro bar.



served at room temperature – pick between fried or baked

The Apulian panzerotto has evolved into a gourmet treat. It is best to be eaten as a sandwich, filled with different savory ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, and Italian cold cuts. But the main ingredient is creativity!


fresh mozzarella, prosciutto crudo di parma, sliced tomato, baby arugula


baby octopus, mashed potato, parsley, black pepper

SALMON – 12.50

smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, sesame seeds



Nutella – 7.25

ricotta cheese, nutella

Oreo – 8.25

ricotta cheese, nutella, oreo

Special dough: cocoa dough +1$*

Special dough: coffee dough +1$*

*Special dough may vary


baby kale – 9

baby kale, red cabbage, shredded carrot, cherry tomato, grape, taralli. Dressing:EVO oil, apple cider vinegard, honey

spring mix – 9

spring mix, carrot, provolone cheese, cherry tomato, grape, taralli. Dressing: EVO oil, apple vinegard, honey


mexican coke – 3

sprite – 3

fanta – 3

 coke zero – 2.50

natural water san benedetto – 2.50

san pellegrino water – 2.50

aranciata/limonata/chinotto  – 2.50

galvanina green/lemon tea – 3.50

galvanina ginger ale – 3.50

natalie’s juice – 3.50


espresso/decaf – 3

cappuccino – 3.75

americano – 3

latte – 3.75

hot tea – 2

We serve beer and wine!

Corkage fee $10.00



P. 718 488 9300